Once upon a time and even now,

in the town of Barberino Val díElsa, halfway between Siena and Florence, is a curious little house.
It is not known who built it, itís not in the middle of the woods but itís along the road of the wayfarers and itís not a castle, but a remnant of an old barn that just woke up from a long sleep.
To recognize it youíll have to go back to your childhood years, because its walls are made of chocolate, its garden is pistachio, its doors are raspberry and its windows are of sky flavored ice cream and on the branches of its trees candy grows.
To welcome you under the marzipan portico are the big smiles of a blond princess with long braids and a minstrel with a very colorful hat on his head.
The house is open to families, and to all children who want to remain as such, to dreamers, romantics and great travelers, to those who have something to tell, to those whose curiosity is never satisfied, and to he who still needs a little magic to live.
If you want to live in a fairy tale for a few days, come and visit us.
We also have room for a pumpkin carriage and for a flying carpet.

Valentina and Francesco