Holidays House "La Capanna di Panpepato"

Once upon a time there was no need to hurry. Once upon a time there was peace and quiet...
Once upon a time there were smiling sunflowers, the welcome embrace of a warm colored land, races through golden fields, the magic of forests, the genuineness of a glass of wine, the caress of a kind hand, the elegance and silence of a cypress tree.
Once upon a time, hours were precious, sunrises and sunsets were paintings to be contemplated for hours in which we could slow our pace in front of a field of grain or near the comforting sound of a small stream.
If you need to get back to feeling like yourself again, to slow down and take a break from your frenetic ways, to go back in time, to find lost landscapes, but overall to find yourself, come and visit us. The old walls of our Holidays House will welcome you like a warm hug.
"La Capanna di Panpepato" is a few miles from Siena and not far from those enchanted places you have heard of in the past. You get a kitchen, large garden and private parking.   Photo Gallery >>

"La Capanna di Panpepato"
Località Casino di Torri, 24
Rosia, 53010

GPS: +43° 13' 59",+11° 13' 31"

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